The EasyBuild Process

The EasyBuild Process

With EasyBuild House Packs, you can significantly reduce the time and costs associated with building a house, and if you wish, even build the house yourself. This overview of the EasyBuild Process will help you understand what’s required to get your EasyBuild home underway and completed:



Confirm if an EasyBuild House Pack is suitable for your site, and choose suitable foundations

Before placing an order for your house pack, it’s important for us to be sure that an EasyBuild House Pack is suitable for your site. You’ll need to provide us with certain documents, so we can draw up a site plan for your EasyBuild House Pack, advise the type of foundation your House Pack will require, and clarify any queries around options to include in your order. If you are working with a builder, they will also be able to help you with some of this.



Purchase your EasyBuild House Pack from participating ITM stores

Our house packs can be purchased from participating ITM stores New Zealand wide. Please Contact Us for a current list. EasyBuild or your local ITM store can provide referrals to your local EasyBuild Preferred Builder or participating local builders if you wish to undertake a full build contract or get some building assistance. Your builder will help you with preparing your site and your foundation options.



Prepare and submit consent documents to your local council

All EasyBuild designs have National MultiProof Consent approval from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment; however you need to ensure consent is received from your local authority to construct your EasyBuild House Pack on your site, with the correct foundations. We’re here to help you with your consent, and we will draw up the documents you require, for you to submit to your local authority. Consent should be received within 10 working days from submitting to your local authority.



Advise us that consent has been received and order your foundation materials

You or your builder will order the materials for your site’s specific foundations for delivery to your site. Even if you plan to construct your EasyBuild House Pack as a DIY project, we recommend engaging a builder to help prepare your site, and build your foundations.



Build your foundations

Your foundations can now be built. Ask your builder of foundation supplier for an estimate of when your foundations will be complete and advise us of this date. A container holding the materials to build the structure of and enclose your EasyBuild House Pack will be delivered to your site around this time.



Begin construction – Structure

Follow our Step by Step Instruction Guide to ensure you are constructing each part of your EasyBuild House Pack correctly. Building Inspectors from your local authority will need to visit your site at key milestones. Advise us and ITM once your house is almost enclosed. ITM will ship your third delivery containing interior and exterior finishings for your EasyBuild home.



Continue construction – Interior and Exterior Finishing

Continue following our Step by Step Instruction Guide. You can work on completing both the inside and outside of your EasyBuild House Pack at the same time. Advise us and ITM once your interior finishing is almost complete. ITM will then ship your fourth and final delivery including kitchen, plumbing fittings and appliances.



Next steps

Items such as wall paint, light fittings, floor coverings and window coverings are not included in your house pack, allowing you to customise the interior of your home.



Code Compliance Inspection

Your local authority will carry out a final inspection of your house and provide you with a Code Compliance Certificate.



Congratulations - your EasyBuild home is now complete