Kitset Exclusions

The items and services listed below are not included in the cost of your Standard EasyBuild House Pack.

House Pack Delivery

Cost of delivery to your specific site. Deliveries to regional, remote or difficult to reach areas may incur additional costs.


Your local authority needs to check the proposed foundations and house for your specific site. Because all EasyBuild designs are pre-approved by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, getting consent from your local authority will be simpler, faster and cheaper than usual. For more information visit our Council Consents page.

In- Ground Services such as Drainage, Power, Gas and Telecommunications

These are the specific costs. To understand how much you should allow for in-ground services such as drainage, power, gas and telecommunications, you need to determine the location of the services required for your home in relation to the site boundary and work area.

Foundation Materials and Labour

Materials to build the foundations of your house may vary depending on the slope of your individual site and the foundation type chosen. We recommend that all customers engage a professional to build their foundations.

Houses built on timber pile foundations have a timber floor pack included in their House Pack which means their House Pack costs slightly more but the cost for their foundations is likely to be slightly less. Houses built on concrete slab foundations do not require a timber floor pack, meaning their House Pack costs slightly less, but their foundations may cost slightly more. Overall, the difference in total cost between the two foundation options is minimal.

Wiring and Pipes

Our House Packs have conduits installed in the exterior walls. Electrical wiring and plumbing first fix (pipes) are not provided to allow for customer input into locations


Paint supply for the interior and exterior of your house.

Floor Coverings

Floor coverings are not included in the EasyBuild House Pack price to allow customers to customise their own flooring. Water-resistant flooring such as vinyl flooring or tiling is required in all wet areas for your Code Compliance Certificate.

Window Coverings

Window coverings are not included in the EasyBuild House Pack price to allow customers to customise their own curtains and blinds.

Light Fittings

Light fittings are not included in the EasyBuild House Pack price to allow customers to customise their own lighting.

Labour Costs – Builders and Tradespeople

Our houses can be completed by professional builders, semi-skilled workers or as a DIY project. However, there are certain parts of construction we recommend are always completed by professional builders or tradespeople, including foundations, cladding, roofing, Gib-stopping and all plumbing and electrical work.

Coming Soon: Our own online calculator, to help you determine your approximate indicative total build costs specific to the House Pack model you are interested in.

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