Green Building Solution

EasyBuild’s unique modular construction system offers an environmentally friendly, green building solution.

Key Features

Less Waste

With EasyBuild House Packs, total build waste is reduced by two thirds compared to a conventional build.

Reduced Environmental Impact

EasyBuild House Packs are built twice as fast than conventional builds, reducing impact on the local environment including land disturbance.

Absence of Manufacturing Chemicals

No formaldehyde is used in the construction of our house packs.


Reduced Transport of Materials

  • Supply of raw materials and products to our NZ based manufacturing plant. All materials are sourced within a 40 km radius of our manufacturing plant, significantly reducing the impact on the environment.
  • Delivery of house packs to each build site. Other than the manufactured components, all site deliveries are undertaken by a local merchant. In general, only four deliveries are required for each house throughout the build process.

Healthier Homes with Reduced Energy Use

  • Air Tight Homes: EasyBuild homes are twice as air tight compared to conventional builds. EasyBuild House Packs have been measured to have only 3.6 air changes per hour; conventionally built homes have 6 - 10 changes per hour.
  • Weathertight designs including a high level of insulation (Walls R2.8; Ceilings R3.2), rigid air barrier and ventilated cavity. All homes are designed and built for NZ’s tough conditions.

For More Information

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