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Our Published Prices

Prices stated exclude GST.

Prices displayed for the Standard House Pack are based on a House Pack suitable for concrete slab foundations with Duragroove primary cladding and Nuline Plus weatherboard features.

Selecting alternative cladding variations, timber floor packs (for sites requiring timber pile foundations), seaspray zone requirements or other amendments may incur additional costs.


Option to Include Decking Areas or Verandahs

Our Standard House Packs do not include materials for decking and verandahs, which are optional extras.

Please Note: To meet Code Compliance standards, houses on timber pile foundations may be required to have decking or suitable steps outside all external doors.


Inclusions and Exclusions

Prices stated are just for the components of the house pack and its included materials (See Inclusions).

These prices do not include the on-site construction of the house pack.

Fully Completed Build Price

To get a rough idea of what a fully completed build price might be, simply double the price shown for the house pack design you are interested in.

This is a rule of thumb only, and may vary significantly depending on the location and condition of your section and what services you may need to install.

Please speak to an EasyBuild Preferred Builder or your local builder for a comprehensive quote that takes your site requirements into consideration.

Accuracy of Information

Our prices are current as at the published date but are subject to change without notice.

To ensure you have the current price, please check with EasyBuild Ltd.